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Customer Testimonials
We have been getting such great feedback from our customers that we wanted to start sharing them. Getting positive feedback not only makes us feel like we are really making a difference in the lives of older dogs, but we have come to see the joy we are bringing to dog owners who get to see the happy reactions from their dogs.
Washable Wonders dog diapers

We got the diapers. Here is what Bug (14 yrs) thinks of them. I am not sure she knows what to do in them. She was trying to run away from them for a while but that was too much exercise for her. Thanks for the great product.
Tim Pesanka, Hilo, Hawaii
Chloe & Lexi
Dogger dog stroller

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our Dogger We got it for our two little Chihuahua’s Chloe and Lexi shortly before Chloe had some major surgery. Turned out that she spent most of her post op recovery resting comfortably in her Dogger. Since Chloe is still recovering from her surgery, we have taken them for a few walks along our local dykes and to our local parks. She can relax comfortably in their Dogger, while enjoying the fresh air and change of scenery. Thank you so much for such a great product. I checked out quite a few doggy strollers, and yours outshone them all.
Linda and Ron Phillips, Coquitlam, BC
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers

Wow is all I can say! After suffering incontinence issues with my senior great dane Poison, I had to go searching. Not only was I surprised to find a website 2 provinces over to the west of me, but the diaper itself is just beyond amazing. What a neat design!!! The shipping was super cheap and lightning speed. I got my diaper yesterday, and put it on my boy and just fell in love with the fabric and it fit so perfect. Smart idea to put those little snaps to give a bit more support for the diaper to stay on well. I had to order the bundle of washable pads and the wet diaper bag yesterday to make his little outfit complete. My boy is so fashionable in his new diaper and even though he has accidents now at his ripe old age of 8.5, he is going to look good doing it.
Krista Pulkinen, Saskatoon, SK
Chloe Anne
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers

Chloe Anne's Washable Wonders are great!
Joy Lehtinen, Aurora, MN
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers

Glory is a very happy girl and so am I. Thank you.
Susan Hesselgesser, Chesterfield, MO
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. They are so easy to use and much more comfortable for her (we had been using women's briefs). Nerve damage take a long time to heal and Lexi is slowly improving. We are confident she will make a full recovery, but in the meantime, these Washable Wonders have been a Godsend. Thanks and God Bless You.
Ginni Lippire, Three Rivers, CA
Grippers Dog Traction Socks

Here's Jesse (14 1/2 yrs), in his new socks! They are a perfect fit, the socks we bought at the pet store a week earlier already have a hole in them due to his nails. We were constantly re-positioning them due to twisting and they get wet when he goes outside to do his business. Your socks always keep their position and don't twist - not that it would matter as the grip is completely all around. Also the grip portion is waterproof - great for going outside briefly to go the the bathroom! Thanks so much!!
Liz Truant, Winnipeg, MB
Grippers dog socks

Many thanks for the gripper socks which have arrived safely. My cavalier King Charles, Buffy (10 1/2 yrs), now has some grip on our wooden floors and I'm sure it's going to help her in her senior years.
Helen Howard, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Grippers dog socks

Thank you so much, the Grippers are working perfectly!!!! Our dog, Sandy so appreciates you.
Chris Hendry, Tucker, GA
Washable Wonders dog diapers

Rosie (14 yrs) loves her new purple diaper. We put it on at bedtime and she doesn't even try to take it off. I think she's so happy not to have accidents anymore. The lining is so soft and absorbent. It's a terrific product. Thank you!!!
Laurie Weiner, Denver, CO

Thank you for Whiskey's Grippers. He loves them very much!
Gemma Jackson, Devon, United Kingdom

Here is Angus (9 yrs young) in his Grippers traction socks. He only needs them on the back, he doesn't even notice them on, they don't slip at all on his foot and he can get up now on the hardwood!
Jennifer Smith, South Slocan, BC
Dogger stroller

The Dogger has arrived, and we've been for our first test drive. Our one eyed Australian terrier Bruce (11 years), who is recovering from further eye surgery approves! We intend to take him with it back to some of the wild places he's hiked with us until recently. It's a dream to push over rough terrain and we love the headlights as well!
Jayne Simpson, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for the Grippers! Lucky is 15 years old and is able to have an improved quality of life due to your product.
Daisy Shah, Oakland, CA

My Aussiedoodle Holly broke her leg before we got her at 8 weeks. We got her at 13 weeks (she is now 14 months). Found out and long story short our amazing puppy had to get the leg amputated. Now I tried other boots for her back leg. She only has one and in our house it is slippery (hardwood). With her Grippers our puppy is a puppy again and her leg is so much stronger. I wish I had this product for my old boarder collie when she had troubles on the floor. Great product.
Laura Mason, Belle River, ON
Dogger dog stroller

The Dogger has been the greatest invention since sliced bread for us! Our 5 year old dog "Popeye" actually runs and walks like a bunny rabbit, due to his growth plates in his legs never joining. His crippled little legs makes it difficult for him to go at a normal pace on walks us and his brother "Bogey" (our yellow lab), but not anymore since Popeye has the Dogger! We take Popeye's Dogger everywhere we go now, i.e. outdoor restaurants, Ft Wilderness Campground at Disney, green markets on Saturdays and always people stop us to talk about the Dogger! We also tell them of the great customer service and wonderful experience we've had with Dog Quality. Thanks for making the "Quality of All of our dogs lives Better "!
Kathryn Blalock, Port St Lucie , FL
Dogger dog stroller

We have owned our Dogger stroller for two years and truly don't know what we did without it! Our Yorkie, Zippy, is a very young fourteen years of age, but tires easily on our daily walks. That's when we thank our lucky stars we found the Dogger! The quality is unsurpassed, the ride smooth and steady. The best part is how sturdy the construction is, absolutely nothing flimsy here! And our other little guy, Bijou, who is only two and very spunky, calms down instantly when he gets to ride alongside big brother! There is plenty of room for two Yorkies to ride comfortably without getting into each others' space. Love the storage compartment below the carriage to place packages, blankets, etc. as well as the cup holder attachment for their water bottle! Really love, love, love this stroller! No other stroller on the market comes close to the Dogger! It is worth it at twice the cost! Thank you Dogquality for offering this wonderful and helpful product!
Deborah Chinn, Torrance, CA
Grippers dog socks

Here is Chelsea our 10 year old toy poodle in her Grippers that just arrived in the mail today! Running up the hardwood stairs should be much easier for her now!! Thanks for the product and the amazing service!
Mary Buck, Newfoundland and Labrador
Dogger stroller

Snickers loves her Dogger so much she knows where it is kept in the side shed and runs to the gate to hop in. I bought it when I lived in Banff and took it for my long walks over rough terrain and it was great. I now live in Ontario it was great on a hot day to keep her cool and relaxed after walking around.
Tracy Sweet, Ontario
Grippers dog traction socks

Manila turns 15 this month but she received her present early. Manila LOVES her new Grippers. She has so much more mobility on our hardwood floors and the kitchen tiles (her favorite place to be). Even our 6 year old Golden Retriever seems to want his own Grippers! DogQuality has been tremendous with customer support. After ordering the wrong size, I returned the order for an exchange a size up. They communicated promptly and now I have a happy, happy dog. Thank you for your kindness. We love the dog socks!
Alexis Guevara, Clearwater, FL
Coco Reese
Dogger dog stroller

We just love, love the Dogger. I have peace of mind that Coco Reese is secure and safe and at the same time looking very stylish wherever we go. At 5.5 lbs I have to protect my Maltipoo and this is a huge asset. Thank you for such a well constructed product. It is nicer than any other dog stroller and most people strollers as well.
Yvonne M. Mayorquin, Locust Grove, VA
Ms. Molly
Grippers dog traction socks

Ms. Molly, our mini-schnauzer, is 14.5 years and had a spinal cord injury five years ago. The absolute love of our life and we found these incredible in helping her on our hardwood floors. Thank you for your kindness….and for your products.
Gwen Morse, Santa Barbara, CA
Miss Lulu Lemon and Miss Verde
Dogger stroller

I really LOVE The Dogger and so do my dogs! It's worth every dollar because it's so well feels more like gliding than pushing. We now are able to go for longer walks (2-3 mi.) I'm so glad I found your website and the "short" wait for The Dogger was well worth it! Thanks for having this vehicle available for purchase!
Mary Jo Feuling, Dumfries, VA
Dogger stroller

Originally bought your wonderful stroller the Dogger or for my 16 1/2-year-old beagle Pie. But it also has totally come in handy for his younger sister Zoey who is nine. Zoey has IVDD and every now and then she tweaks her back so that she has trouble walking. The Dogger has proved invaluable in helping us include her in our activities. Thank you thank you thank you for making such a wonderful product.
Nancy Golden, Millis, MA
Bella & Lola
Dogger stroller

Bella and Lola love their Dogger - best of both worlds, walk some, ride some - thanks for a great, high quality product!
Tracey Larsen, Sioux Falls, SD
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers=

Received the Small Washable Wonder and it fits great. I will be ordering some more. Thanks. I think you have a great product. What I like about your product is that it is soft enough that I think she will be ok with wearing it every night even though she does not “leak” every night…And it’s reusable; I did not want to use something else that would just be thrown in the trash.
Bunny Chaney, Mantorville, MN
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers=

Pookie (7 yrs) is a fighter. He had a spinal injury that left him paralyzed but after surgery has regained his mobility. Unfortunately he still has incontinence issues but thanks to his Washable Wonders this can be managed. Thank you to his caring mom who shared his story and who found us all the way from Slovenia.
Simona Mikek , Slovenia
Dogger stroller

My dog Pepi is only 2 now and he is not old or disabled. I primarily use the Dogger as his "bed" next to our bed, his "baby/high chair" next to our dining table and his "TV chill out" own area next to our sofa if he decides to be bored with the sofa.I love it. Actually he loves it. And when he is busy fighting my household appliances like the vaccuum cleaner, I also put him in the Dogger LOL.
Serene Ldn, Singapore
Dogger stroller

Here is a pic of Ponchatoula in her Dogger. She was rescued from a shelter by English Bulldog Rescue Network of Houston (a wonderful group) and had many health problems that we've addressed, but unfortunately has severe arthritis in her hips and knees and can't walk for any great distance. She LOVES the Dogger, and it lets us bring her around and do a lot more with us.
Daina Bray, Chapel Hill, NC
Seamus & Molly
Dogger stroller

Seamus and Molly love riding around town in their new Dogger! Since Seamus isn't able to go for walks anymore, this has been a great way to get him out and about. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!
Brenda Kenny, Phoenixville, PA
Dogger stroller

We LOVE our Dogger! Krissy, 8 years old, was rescued from a hoarder and has badly damaged legs. The Dogger helps us get her outside more and the mesh screen allows her to see us and look around at what's in front of her. Krissy is afraid that new people will hurt her so the canopy helps provide her with a sense of security. The Dogger suits all her needs, physical & psychological.
Matt Slawson, Burnsville, MN
Grippers dog traction socks

Just tested out the medium sized grippers on Philippa (14 yrs) on our evening walk and they work great! Easy to get on, perfect fit and they stay put, no slipping or twisting.
Lisa Sven, Vancouver, BC
Dogger stroller

My 14 yr old Toy Poodle Charlie was balking about taking walks some days, so I really needed a stroller. I ordered "The Dogger" after a lot of research. As it turned out, Charlie got really sick a week ago and has spent mostly a week in the stroller and we are so thankful we have it. The public here is getting a good look at your product as we walk everyday, and I get a lot of questions and feedback about "The Dogger". All of it is positive.
Wallace Giles, Sedona, AZ
Alfie and Milo
Dogger stroller

"They love their new ride. Thanks for a quality product.
Carolyn and Robert Volpe, Panama
Oreo and Monty
Dogger stroller

Both Oreo and Monty thought the Dogger was a great ride!! I found it very easy to maneuver. I think this is the Cadillac of strollers!! Thanks for everything.
Darlene Savoie, Moncton, NB
Dogger stroller

Just used our new Dogger for the first time on a 2 mile walk with my handicapped Yorkie, Ollie. This is not just the SUV of dog strollers, this is the Rolls Royce of dog strollers.
Chug Roberts, Alexandria, VA
Tiki and Tazer
Dogger stroller

Here is a picture of my Pommies Tiki and Tazer. They love the Dogger and so do I.
Jennifer Fernando, Chula Vista, CA
Dogger stroller

Nikki (16 yrs young) had her 1st outdoor stroll in the Dogger and she loooves it and so do I as now I can get some exercise and she can get lots of fresh air, yet be protected from the sun, and I can keep a close eye on her from all angles!!! Even Suzie will enjoy catching a ride as well with her sister when she wants a rest.
Janice Belyea, Kingston, ON
Dogger stroller

I wanted to let you know The Dogger is FABulous and has exceeded any and all expectations. This photo is of The Dogger on its maiden trek, Molly (Maltese) happily ensconced. I do not know who enjoys The Dogger more, me or Molly. The Dogger has made for an immensely happy day, indeed. It really is The Best of The Best and will be adding to many happy times that Molly and I share.
Karen Jaggar, Portland, OR
Moon Shadow
Dogger stroller

I finally got around to photographing my dog, Moon Shadow, in her Dogger. These were taken this morning on our walk. She really likes it. Isn't she adorable? :) She has a paralyzed front leg, so this really helps her when she gets tired.
Karen Godfrey, Grand Rapids, MI
Dogger stroller

We were so happy the Dogger was on time for our holiday. All three of us loved it. It was a great solution for a dog that doesn't like to be in places with a lot of people. Lhasa felt secure in the Dogger and received a lot of very positive comments of people in the street.
Lidy Roost, Bilzen-Hees, Belgium
Beau and Belle
Dogger stroller

Meet Beau (9yrs) and Belle (8yrs). As you can see, they are best pals and love sharing their Dogger.
Mary, Denver, CO
Washable dog diapers

I am relieved that I can leave my dog in the house unattended now. I took in a retired ranch dog and he had never been inside a house so of course he wants to mark things. Its not his fault, he is 6 years old and doesn't know any better. Now he still looks cute and we will both be much happier.
Carmen Fenton, Fallon, NV
Non slip dog socks

Bentley Rockin his socks! We are in love with these! Thanks for all your help with the sizing, Velcro, etc.
Lyndsay & Brian Popiel, Cave Creek, AZ
Dogger dog stroller

We got the Dogger yesterday and Holly LOVES it! Thank you so much. This is really going to make a world of difference for her. We are both having such a hard time accepting that she is almost 13. She is having a really hard time not being physically able to go everywhere. The Dogger will make it so that she will get to go with on long walks and not have to be left home. For the first time in months Holly got to go with on our long walk. She was so happy. She was adorable in the Dogger and knew that it was just for her. I could see her smiling because she got to go with. Thank you for helping Holly in her old age, she has given so much in her life and it will be so nice to be able to see her still go on adventures thanks to the Dogger.
Shanna and Hero Holly (Retiring Seizure Alert Service Dog)
Dogger dog stroller

We purchased the Dogger stroller about 2 years ago and have recently started running marathon races with Lola and the Dogger. We have had so many compliments and people asking "where did you get that?" The stroller itself works awesome - and Lola gets to enjoy the race too!
Carla Jones, Calgary, AB
Dogger dog stroller

Vince loves his gripper socks! He hates me a little bit for bugging him about a pic, but he loves his socks. :)
Lisa Makrinikolas, Revere, MA
Dogger dog buggy

The Dogger hits Germany! 16 yrs young Schröder can now keep up with his younger sister, 6 yrs old Lillie-Pu!
Kristian & Elke Klasen, Hessen, Germany
Dogger dog buggy

Well we've been and road tested the 'Megmobile' this morning and it's great!....and Meg thinks so too. Thank you for enabling her to get out and about again.
Eric Barber, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Washable Wonders Dog Diapers

This is Sultan, she is a Labrador Retriever - German Shepherd crossbreed. She's been with us since she was two weeks, and she's exactly 14 ½ years old now. Among other ailments like loss of sight, loss of hearing, and weakening hindquarters, she has recently been diagnosed with a malign tumor in her bladder. She can hardly hold her pee any more, needs to comfort herself more and more frequently, and she gets depressed and very frustrated when she does it indoors, something she had never done ever since she was a puppy. So, you can imagine how your diapers and pads have been a life-saver, not only for us who would have otherwise needed to clean the floors all day, but also and foremost for Sultan, keeping her clean and saving her from the embarrassment and discontent. Thank you again.
Ali Yurtsever, Istanbul, Turkey
Dogger dog stroller

We absolutely LOVE our Dogger!! It is PERFECT in every way! Our little Chihuahua loves it too! It is so much more than I expected:) I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone who is looking for a high quality, everything you could possibly need and more, pet stroller!! Thanks so much!!
Donna Thomas, Roxbury, ME
Dogger dog stroller

We are loving our Dogger! Here is a photo of Gizmo my 10 yrs old chihuahua enjoying a stroll with the top down today.
Lisa Willis,Griffin, GA
Dogger dog stroller

My Lhasa Apso, Ohgr loves his new Dogger. Ohgr has arthritis and can't do the long walks like he used to. We used the Dogger for the first time this weekend and it allowed us to stay out much longer and gave Ohgr a chance to rest, but still enjoy the beautiful day. Thank you for making such a great product.
Rachel Dallago, Sharon Hill, PA
Dogger dog stroller

Priss has very bad ankles. So I keep the front part down for her, so they aren't crowded (bent). She is 47 lbs, and has long legs, but seems so comfortable. I really love the stroller. I really was afraid, she could never join us on another walk; so I stopped walking the other three, till now.
Nancyelizabeth Green, Snellville, GA
Dogger dog stroller

Thanks to the Dogger, Buddy has a new quality of life after his operation, he loves to ride the shore trails! Thanks so very much
Debra Capek, North Vancouver, BC
Iggy, Cooper and Hammy
Washable Wonders Male Dog Diapers

Hammy, Iggy and Cooper looking so incredibly handsome in their new "man pants". Thank you, I just love them.
Ann Tuttobene, Tuscon, AZ
Dogger dog stroller

Brutus, our 13-year-old Yorkie, and I absolutely love our Dogger. I have attached a photo of Brutus in his new "chariot." Thank you for a great product and great customer service.
Trude & Brutus Terreberry, Angier, NC
Grippers non slip dog socks

Hana has had trouble walking due to a disc injury but according to her mom is now more comfortable walking on hardwood flooring in their living room, and on the tile in their kitchen thanks to her Grippers.
Etsuko Morii & Hana the beagle
Dogger dog stroller

The Dogger arrived this afternoon. It took me no time to put it together and then Caille and I went for a walk. Attached is Caille in her new Dogger. She loves it and so do I!!!
Carole Turner, Leicester, MA
Dogger stroller

Annabell received her stroller in 2 days. Since then we have been strolling Spokanes South Hill up to 3 hours a day. It has been such a relief to finally have a solution to our time walking together. Thank you so much for inventing such a cool stroller! I have people stop and take pics and they comment on how cute the stroller and Annabell are.
Ellen Bennett, Spokane, WA
Dogger stroller

This is Charlie, who we purchased the stroller mainly for. He has a bad hip & arthritis, which makes his walks difficult. But let me tell you after our 5 mile walk today, this has to be the BEST investment we have made!! This stroller is a God send!! I have my 3 dogs all together and I can't tell how happy I am with the Dogger!! We had so many people asking questions, commenting on it! But everyone LOVED it!! Thank you so much!!
Suzanne Weber, Lansing, KS
Dogger stroller

Cooper is on crate rest right now as he is recovering from a slipped disc. We are so happy that he can still enjoy the outdoors thanks to the Dogger!
Sarah Webb, Austin, TX
Dogger stroller

After researching I chose the Dogger for Molly who is on restricted activity because of shoulder tendonitis. I push her to her favorite places then let her out to sniff a bit. She actually likes riding in it. It is easy to push and very stable (which was very important to me). I also got the ortho pad which feels very nice!
Cheryl Viera, Acushnet, MA
Pascha and Izzy
Dogger stroller

Just got my stroller here in Arlington, Texas and we LOVE it! It comfortably fits my two fully grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniels too! Thanks for a quality product!
Jennifer Miller Dew, Arlington, TX
Dogger stroller

Many thanks. Sophee loves the stroller and when her little legs just give out I put her in the stroller and our walks are much longer now. The stroller is awesome.
Kathy Knuckey, Phoenix, AZ
Zoey and Chelsey
Dogger stroller

The dogger arrived today, and we and the girls love it. It truly is the rolls royce of dog strollers in our opinion, and we have tried quite a few. It has been hard to keep the girls out of it today, so it has been well worth waiting for.
Jane Bryder, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Chester, Louie and Jake
Dogger stroller

The stroller came today and it is perfect. Love it! Thanks a million. Here are my boys in their stroller. Happy in Florida. We are taking our "old men" camping this Saturday for a few days and looking forward to strolling them everywhere. thank you, thank you, thank you!
Marlea Hughes, Myakka City, FL
Dogger stroller

Lulu, aka Lulubelle, loves this stroller! Sometimes she even stands by it and barks to let me know she's ready for a ride.
Paige Swartz, Bradenton, FL
Dogger stroller

Here is a picture of my 15yo beagle (almost 16 yrs old), Pie, taking it easy on a walk through Boston Common. Love the Dogger. Its really been a godsend on our walks with my old man.
Nancy Davis, Millis, MA
Washable Wonders Belly Band

Taz is a 3 pound pure bred Yorkie. He is very tiny and we have trouble finding things small enough to fit him. The XS wrap ideally fits a 12-15” waist. Taz’s waist is only 9”. We adjusted the XS wrap and were pleasantly surprised that it fit. We find this wrap very handy and have had no accidents to clean up since we received it.
Julie Teunissen, Calgary, AB
Miss Mikki
Grippers Dog Traction Socks

The new gripper booties arrived today...such fast service ...much gratitude! Miss Mikki, the 18 year old trooper! She did not put up a fuss at all and she looks so much more stable as she walks about the house. She hasn't slipped or gone down on her bum at all since we put them on a couple of hours ago now! I am very very very grateful for this...her ruby slippers..haha. Cheers to you and all that you do for the elder canines in our lives.
Linda Buffy, Salmo, BC
Bella and Tyson
Dogger dog stroller

I wanted to share some information with you regarding my experience with our Dogger stroller. You were so helpful answering all my questions and getting the order processed quickly so that it might arrive as needed. Unfortunately, in the interim we learned our little 8yo Maltese had a tumor on his back leg that required immediate surgery. Luckily our stroller had arrived a few days earlier. During non-visiting hours we took Bella to the Crabtree Valley Mall to pass the time and it was amazing how many people stopped us! Tyson is recuperating now and loves being in the stroller. It keeps him up high so he can see everything, allows him to be in eye contact with me as I wheel him from room to room and it keeps his little sister at a distance. I just wanted to share this experience with you. While we didn't purchase the stroller for this scenario it was invaluable to us. I was so pleased that we could tell and show others about this fantastic stroller in the hope it might benefit them as well. We are looking forward to years of enjoyment with the stroller. Thank you again for everything and for advocating for older and disabled animals!
Karen Arnau, Wilmington, NC
Dogger dog stroller

It's been few months since I received my Dogger. I absolutely love it. My tiny dog can accompany me on my long cardio walks, trail walking and even half marathon. I have so much fun, thanks to you. It is very well built and thought through.I also, love the name, so people won't ask me whether this is a baby stroller or not. I think Dogger is perfect for older dogs as well as young small dogs. Thank you for such a great product.
Fay Andersson, Seattle, WA
Washable Wonders Male Dog Diapers

I just wanted to thank Dog Quality Enterprises for creating such a quality product...the name does not lie! :) My dog recently had bladder surgery and since then has been incontinent. I have tried other dog diapers and they never seem to work for my dog. However, Dog Quality worked with me to find the right size and now my dog not only looks adorable but has a functioning, comfortable and effective diaper that does not leak, helps to lock away the urine smell, and is super easy to put on. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a dog diaper that works and even better, it's affordable! You can't go wrong!
Heather Faling, Venice, FL
Dogger stroller

What a wonderful stroller and I wanted to say this has been so much fun for Jewels. In the good weather we were out 2-3 times a day and in the cooler weather we still try to get out. We have put so many miles on this stroller and Jewels knows all the dogs on the walk. The stroller is so well made and easy to push. Thank you again for producing such a great product.
Mary Dullaert, Sidney, BC
Washable Wonders Female Dog Diapers

We have a young puppy who has severe renal disease. We recently purchased two of the diapers to see if they would help us manage the accidents in the house... we love them and they have helped immensely! We'll be ordering more in the near future.
Tara Murphy, Dartmouth, NS
Grippers dog traction socks

This is my 10 year old Aussie ... her name is Saidy. I received my order for the dog gripper socks, and they work fabulous! They sure help her to be able to run and play on our hardwood floors again.
Geraldine Nasby, St. Walburg, SK
Tillie and Bailey
Dogger stroller

This is Tillie and Bailey returning from this morning's wet walk - Tillie "asked" to get in the Dogger as soon as it came out of the garage, and again half way down our street! She hates getting wet feet so our walks are very short in the wet weather without the Dogger. Bailey the schnauzer is more of an all-weather dog but within a couple of blocks she is drenched up to her armpits, so she joins Tillie in the dogger to warm up while I get my exercise plowing them through all the wet leaves on the trail! Thanks Dogger, for giving me back my "winter walks!"
Rhonda Ljunggren, Victoria, BC
Dogger stroller

Thank you so much! This is a great stroller. So worth every penny. And easy to put together!!
Krystyn Lauderback, Los Angeles, CA
Tinker, Blue and Elmo
Dogger stroller

Here are some photos of my guys in their Dogger stroller. By the time I was done shooting their photos my Papillon was relaxed enough to lay down. There is actually room for at least one of the others to lay down, maybe for all of them. I am really happy with this stroller as is Elmo my Papillon and he is the one who will use it the most. Thanks for such a great product.This one makes my old stroller (even when it was new) feel very cheap and shoddy. Thanks again, we are going to have fun with this one.
Sharon Martin, Bandon, OR
Little Jerry
Dogger stroller

Little Jerry LOVES his Dogger! (and so do my other four pugs!) As soon as Jerry got in, he plopped right down and looked so comfy.
Alison Seidenberg, Las Vegas, NV
Dogger stroller

Oliver's Dogger came yesterday and WOW is it great!
Wendy Hallman, Beavercreek, OR
Thomas and Lola
Dogger stroller

The Dogger is exactly what we needed. Although Thomas and Lola are young (2 and 2.5 in human years), they have trouble keeping up with us after about a half mile but they hate to miss out on the fun. Now we can enjoy long walks without each carrying a wo out pug most of the way! They sit right up and proudly check out the scenery as they roll on by. My sister has a deluxe stroller for her two kids. She was surprised at how my Dogger compared to the high quality of her specialty stroller. We participated in the Salt Lake City Strut Your Mutt a couple of weeks ago and the pugs got lots of attention in their Dogger. We referred many people to your great website. We look forward to enjoying our Dogger for many years to come! The customer service with your company was excellent. Thank you for a wonderful product and extraordinary customer service!
Heidi Sines, Farr West, UT
Dogger stroller

Gabby just got her new Dogger this eve. We recently moved to the mountains in Colorado so it's been a big adjustment for her, she's doing great but tires very quickly. We are looking forward to being able to take her for longer walks. She's 14 and has had major surgery on her rear leg and suffers from arthritis in her front leg, this is really going to help her. We're very impressed with the quality of her new stroller, it was easy to put together and we were mobile very quickly!
Donna Johnson Jones, Ridgeway, CO
Dogger dog stroller

I am very impressed with my Dogger. Banditt LOVES it. It really has made life so much easier. I have fiddled with lesser quality strollers in the past. Nothing comes close to the Dogger. Thank you so much for giving us the means to take our little guy everywhere. This has extended his life. I can't tell you how wonderful that is.
Katie Brown, Smithers, BC
Dogger dog stroller

This is Pebbles. We adopted her last February. She had been in foster care for 6 months because of her age. She is 10 so no one wanted to adopt her. Her foster Mom said that she has the shortest legs of any Dachshund she had ever seen. She can't even go up and down stairs because her legs are too short. Long walks are out of the question. Today we went 6.24 miles! She did great. Put both leashes on her and shortened them so she couldn't jump. After the first 3/4 mile she relaxed and enjoyed the ride. We got a lot of smiles from people along the way! This stroller is everything it was advertised to be and more. Looking forward to many great rides/walks.
Jill Willis, Springfield, IL
Dogger pet stroller

I wanted to thank you for being diligent in your follow up with me and getting us the Dogger. We love it! Attached is a picture of our Morgan (Westie - 10 years old with lung disease) - in her Dogger.
I wanted to just thank you....
Kim Perkins, Council Bluffs, IA
Tommy and Fifi
Dogger stroller

Tommy and Fifi took to The Dogger the first time out. We are very happy with it as it allows us to walk in the heat and put them in The Dogger when they become stressed from the heat. The lights are wonderful as cars can easily see us and our neighborhood does not have sidewalks. I hope you like the picture. We took tons!!!
Teresa Stephen, Miami, FL
Dogger pet stroller

I received my Dogger and there was no problem putting it together, I just pulled it out of the box, removed the plastic protective covering and snapped on the wheels. We went to the Trail where the terrain is very uneven and after all the rain and storm there are a lot of branches to walk over. The Dogger was easy to walk with the large air filled wheels which walked right over everything without even hesitating. Buddy got so comfy that he laid down so I lowered the front part of the bed and he stretched out and laid there while we walked. And my boy looks so cute in it. Folding up to go home was as easy as opening it up, so all in all, I find this the best stroller I have had. I was not disappointed and as you can see, neither is Buddy.
Rosemarie Wood, Lanoka Harbor, NJ
In Memory of Atticus
Dogger stroller

I wanted to let you know that we used your stroller every single day and it was a great relief to have a comfortable, dependable stroller for Atticus. My little guy lived for his walks and I truly couldn't have taken him to the park daily without this stroller.
Pam Demos, Henderson, NV
Chiquita & Jose
Dogger stroller

Our Dogger arrived in great shape and was easy to put together. We've been using it almost daily for our 2 chihuahuas (Chiquita and Jose). People we encounter in our walks think it is so cute.
Walter & Jeanette Blonski, Richmond Hill, ON
Finn & Edgrr
Dogger stroller

The Dogger is splendid!
Dara Grise, Vancouver, BC
Willow and Ruby
Dogger stroller

Willow and Ruby enjoying their new ride - THE DOGGER!
Carol Sossong, Ebensburg, PA
Max and Tucker
Dogger stroller

We got our Dogger last Friday and Max and Tucker already love it. Here is a picture of them. Thank you for making an outstanding dog stroller!!!
Klaus and Laura Steath, Mount Juliet, TN
Dogger stroller

Thanks for the quick delivery. Princess loves it, this unit is like a Caddy.
Tom Pollard, Guelph, ON
Watts Family


We are so excited and pleased to have received your! It was worth the wait. We have taken your stroller from Venture Califoia to San Diego - and given out your information! Everyone just loves it. We walk every weekend along the cost and our little ones can come with us. When they get tired they get to ride...what a "buggy". Thanks for a great wonderful item!
Howard & Laura Lee Watts, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Dogger stroller

Your Dogger is amazing! It is so well made. You really created the perfect stroller. It gives such a smooth ride and is so comfortable for Trampy. We had our five mile walk just the way we used to and he was a new dog. Bright-eyed, alert, looking everywhere, able to lie down comfortable when he wanted to. Thank you again for helping Trampy have adventures again and me, too!
Katheryn Vickers, Claremont, CA
Helping older dogs

I recently purchased a Tri-fold ramp for my Golden (Rocco) as he was unable to get into my new vehicle without it. It works great and we love it, but what stands out most is the experience we received from Jennifer. In a world where most customer service is outsourced and the reps can't wait to get you off the phone she went above and beyond. It's refreshing to find a company that cares about their customers (and their pets:)
David Klimove, Calgary, AB
Anti-slip dog socks

Received the socks yesterday and they work wonderfully. Marshall (my 11yo shepherd) was having some confidence issues going down our hardwood stairs and these will help a lot. Thanks for the great and quick service. Here is a pic with his blue suede shoes on (lol)
Greg Solvason, Regina, SK
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

I think the stroller is amazing. Miso is not trying to get out while strolled and I am sure he will love it as much as I do when he gets used to it. It is easy to maneuver and we have gone off roading once. I had tried to teach him to walk on a leash but this is so much safer and a lot faster way to let him get outside.
Linda Sherrod, Del Mar, CA
Daisy and Chloe
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

Sending pictures of my Daisy puggins and her friend Chloe enjoying the Dogger! We get lots of attention and we're loving it!
Taren Carroll, Toronto, ON
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

Herbie, a little guy (Pug/Chihuahua) came into a shelter with a just-broken pelvis and hip joint probably from being hit by a car, and in addition is blind - probably 12-14 years old though we'll never know for sure. Herbie lives in Seattle in a very dog-social area with lots of parks where everyone walks their dog. He's pretty sore still (that is improving) but because he can't see the unevenness in paths with steps and inclines and potholes etc made going walking just too difficult for him. He absolutely LOVES his Dogger, and is quite the celebrity in it. Very charismatic little old fellow so he's giving your product quite a lot of exposure. This photo were taken at the vet clinic; the staff was really impressed. Thank you again, this has made a huge improvement in Herbie's enjoyment of life!
Judith Piper, Old Dog Haven
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

Thank you again so much for getting the Dogger out to us when you did. You have a unique and a much needed product. Max loves it!!
Michelle Kobylka, Kanata, ON
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

Thanks for creating such a truly well-made, well-designed and helpful product! It has really changed Georgia's quality of life.
Jo Tyler, Salem, MA
New Ride
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

My dogs and I just love our new Dogger, I thought you might enjoy seeing them in it.
Pat Oliveri, Manahawkin, NJ
My girls
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

Our new carriage came today and we love it. Thank you for sending it to us. This is one of the best dog products I have seen in a very long time.
Linda Sugarman, Scottsdale, AZ
Lelia Mae
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

I love my new Dogger and my dog does too! I first want to say Ann-Marie how informational your videos are of the Dogger. I was hesitant to spend the extra money on your product vs. other dog strollers on the market. However, I was convinced by watching your Dogger demonstrations that it was well worth the investment. Jennifer, I want to thank you for the exceptional customer service you provided. This gave me additional peace of mind when I finally decided to place my order.
My dog fortunately is healthy and young. She will be five years old next month. She competes in agility so she gets plenty of exercise at home. The purpose in getting her a stroller was to keep her cleaner (when necessary) as she is a therapy dog and her breed looks like a walking mop!
Sharon Detro, Chicago, IL
Murphy & Mckenzie
The World's Coolest Dog 


The dogger arrived and it is everything you promised it would be - and so much more! My Westies will be the envy of the neighborhood. What an amazing product you have designed. When God gave out patience, I was probably out shopping for shoes! But, the Dogger was so worth the wait - there is nothing out there that compares.
Beverly Lindo, Largo, FL
The World's Coolest Dog Stroller

It certainly was worth the wait. My little blind Misty girl rides at the helm like a captain of a ship like she could see all as she rode by. She loves being outside with me and this miracle ride allows her to do just that. I cannot thank you enough for giving my almost 15 year old some freedom she lost with her blindness. P.S. was I ever jazzed when I saw the only thing I had to assemble on the Dogger were the three wheels that just snapped into place.
Deanna Franklin, Hemet, CA
Washable Dog Diapers

Thanks for the diapers, they are working great!
Konrad Jaschke, Vancouver, BC
Dogger - the best dog stroller
The Dogger is awesome!! We are heading to the mall this weekend and bringing the Dogger. Christmas came early for the least for Ellie. Right now she sleeps in it next to my bed. You are a wonderful Canadian!
Paul Mueller, Cincinnati, OH
Washable Wonders dog diaper
My 70 lb weimaraner fits your large, with the snaps used, perfectly. She tolerates it very well and even lifts her little tail up when asked and it appears to be very comfortable. She even sometimes comes over to remind me to replace it after going outside! The pads do hold a lot of liquid so I have not had to clean up her bed nor our floor since we got the set. Thanks for a good product.The only products sold by local stores and Petsmart are the very itchy feeling pants for dogs in heat with disposable pads. She hated them in her youth.
Hans Van Den Bosch, Snow Hill, MD
Teddy & Katie
Dogger - Canada's coolest dog stroller
I want you to know how much we are enjoying the dogger. Teddy (the pom mix) will be 17 next month. Katie has severe arthritis and has been on meds since she was three years old. I walk them twice a day now for about 45 minutes each time. Just recently both will walk a bit now. They love riding and make no attempt to escape (and yes, they are using the tether for safety).
This has allowed me the freedom to take long walks and get my exercise yet take my elderly and disabled dogs along. All three of us are delighted. They get a short walk and I get a good walk without the constant stops or carrying one or both. You can bet they know when it is time to go as they go to the dogger to wait for me.
Linda Mora, Dana Point, CA
Cuffs & Taser
Dogger - Canada's coolest dog stroller
We took the babies for their first stroll around our parking lot and they loved it. They seem very happy with their new toy. It seems very well constructed...the ride seems really smooth. The screened area towards the back is perfect because I am able to see them when we are walking and the cover is completely over them - the visibility into their area is wonderful. The shocks and tires are really nice as well. I think you folks have designed a great product overall and I love how durable it seems. I will be anxious to fold it up and see how that goes but I am sure that we will not be disappointed. I think we made a smart investment and we look forward to many years of use from our "Dogger". I would recommend this stroller to other animal lovers in a heart beat.
Mariah Polen, Montoursville, PA
Lily & Little Bit
Dogger - 

Canada's coolest dog stroller
I love it and my dogs love it. We cause a sensation in my community, everybody stops me to talk about it. Since getting the Dogger I have also retired my AT3 second generation. It was so much less convenient to use. The Dogger suits us to a tee. It's stable with 2 dogs in it, easy in and out for them, and I love the adjustable handle. Even my six year old granddaughter could push it!
Pam Goldman, Virginia Beach, VA
Ruben & Kali
Dogger - 

Canada's coolest dog stroller
I just received my Dogger this evening. It was starting to get dark outside, but I had to take it for a test drive!! Ruben & Kali (my two Shih Tzu’s) love it. It really was easy to assemble and it was smooth driving while going down a rather bumpy street. Thanks again it is perfect.
Kim Vespia, North Port, FL
Dogger - Canada's coolest dog stroller
The Dogger hits the UK! We received the Dogger very quickly, within a week, and this snapshot is taken on our first outing. The Dogger performed very well and the dogs loved it! My oldest dog is the small black terrier, Phoebe, (14 years) and the scottie Maisie is hitching a lift to show that IF her legs were tired, she would fit in too. Come ooonnn, let's go!
Corrine Anscombe, United Kingdom
Dogger - 

Canada's coolest dog stroller
Thank you for such a fantastic product ever made... The Dogger just arrived today including the socks and bed... Molly loved it immediately. She instantly relaxed in it.
Angie Bonan, Bronx, NY
Dogger - Canada's coolest dog stroller
Finally we got our Dogger. It's excellent. After a long trip from Canada to San-Francisco and finally to Saint-Petersburg in Russia, the Dogger has arrived. Our 8 year old pug Imperial has joint disease. He enjoys his trips in the car and now he looks at the Dogger like his own car. And now we are able to go on long walks again with our pug - thank you.
Dmitry Belyaev, Russia
I just wanted to let you know that we received our Dogger today! It's awesome! The quality is amazing, you guys thought of everything. We went for a walk and Molly had the best time socializing from her 'Limo' of strollers ;-). I swore it looked like she was smiling, so I had to get a quick picture and share it with you.
Ronnie Bower, Toronto, ON
Thank you for developing The Dogger! We love it!!! We received out Dogger today and rode all around the neighborhood. Everyone loved it! The other dogs and their owners loved it too!
Paula Heandez, Tampa, FL
Here is a picture of Chelsea (16 yrs) enjoying a sunny day in her Dogger. It is a great conveyance for older dogs that can’t move around as much as they use to but still like to get out.
Martin Hanam, Grande Prairie, AB
Tiki loves her new ride (Dogger). I can't believe you were able to pack so much into one stroller. Thanks for the wonderful product and service.
Mr. & Mrs. Weathers, Harlingen, TX
The Belts (Washable Wonders) are beautiful and soft and easy to put on. If you have a Senior dog or a bringing a new male dog into the house I suggest this Male Belt from They are washable, made of Micro fiber and are very soft. Customer service is wonderful and they have lots of other things for Senior and handicapped dogs. They are in BC Canada, Jennifer is a sweetheart. AAAA+
Shirley Friis, Glenwood Landing, NY
Dynamic Duo
Well the snow has finally melted and the Dogger has made it's maiden voyage on Cape Cod. FYI, my dogs are 19 and 13 pounds and sat comfortably. There is room enough for one, if not both to lie down. They love it!
Kelly Mastria, Cape Cod, MA
This is Benny. He is almost 10 and would not have been with us for the last 5 months without the wheels to keep him mobile. He has a slipped disc in his back and has been slowly losing the use of his hind legs for the last 15 months. Now he can get outdoors, go to the bathroom, sniff wherever, chase squirrels and generally go where he wants to go. He is still able to move his legs, so they are back to doing a little work while he is supported. And all the benefits of movement and regular exercise are improving and maintaining his general health: muscle movement, cardio, circulation, weight control. We had reached a point where we could barely get him outside and he was gaining weight and developing other health problems. Then we introduced the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. He adapted very quickly and is so happy. His other health problems have all resolved and but for the legs, he's a very strong and active senior. 
Sandra Herd, Vancouver, BC
The Dogger arrived and we took it out for it's maiden voyage today. It's a super cool looking buggy and the green is fresh and pretty. I also really like the adjustable handle bars. The new AT3 has very high handles and on longer walks my wrists and hands went numb so I'm hoping the lower angle will be more relaxing for the arms. I like the underbasket better too, it's easier to access and the mesh that comes down and velcros make it so fast and easy to use that I will probably use that feature much more on the Dogger than the other buggy (which was a bit of a pain to zip up). I like the drink holder. I think it will actually hold a bottle of water, unlike the plastic trays. And the little cover for the tray is good, keeps bags and keys dry if raining. Anyway, thank you for the Dogger---it is going to work great. 
Donna Peachy, Kelowna, BC
I wanted to tell you that your Washable Wonders dog diaper design is sooo good, much better than Simple Solutions! The snaps are a brillant idea. Good job. 
Linda Knowles, Kelowna, BC
I have found your stroller easy to collapse and pull up. Its quality is superior to that of Pet Gear, which I was considering until I saw your website. My husband likes the construction of the big wheels which will help me to navigate around the snowy and icy roads when the weather gets even colder.We took Fergus out over Christmas and I loved that fact I did not have to fuss over him by putting on his boots to walk from the car. We just transferred Fergus from the car to his "Pooch-mobile" (as my husband calls it). Fergus also had somewhere to sit comfortably during our visit without having to sit on the floor. Some of our shopping malls in Toronto will accept pets if they are in carriers, so Fergus will have his own seat next time I go shopping. Thank you for the Dogger! We are very happy with it!
Esther Spencer, Toronto, ON
I LOVE my dogger!!! It came about 2 hours ago and I put the wheels on, (talk about easy assembly!!!!) and I went walkin!!!! Now, I did re-watch your video because I forgot how to make the front wheel spin. (That was easy too) Thanks alot for making that video!!! (it really helped me to see some things I would not have known like the way to push the button and it comes down for easy access into the bed) My Snoop loved it too! I LOVE the handle bars, because I am tall. I love all the goodies on it like the shocks (so cool) and the wheels are REAL wheels!! I just like everything so much! 
Lori Owens, Hanover, PA
We gave the Dogger a workout today, we started out with lunch, then off to a pet store, then we finished up at an Outlet mall. I had to load and unload the stroller multiple times today. It was a breeze to fold open and close the Dogger. Toby had lots of attention given to him today, he can’t wait to go out again! Thanks for your wonderful product.
Joe and Pam McMahon, Parrish, FL
Wanted to let you know that Homer likes his new diapers and they work much better than anything else he has. Thanks again for a product that works for a male dog.
Janis Pool, Moscow, ID
Here is Chelsea in her new Dogger.  She loves it.  I was conceed about her wanting to jump out.  But obviously I was wrong!   She won't need it much yet, but as she ages more, it will be indispensable.  For now, it will be perfect when we are out all day and she can't keep up with us.  She is a tenacious Westie and will literally keep going until her legs can't manage.  She's amazing and deserves this pampering.
Linda Oxbol, West Vancouver, BC
I got the Dogger stroller and it is amazing and I love it. The cats too. They jumped in it as soon as I got it. Thank you ever so much for your amazing product - it can be for cat lovers too... It will be good for me as well exercise wise.
Lucie Lapalme, Gatineau, QC
Thank you very much!! We received the Dogger!! Yay~~!! I LOVE IT!! It's bigger than I thought, but it's roomy enough for Jo to lie down comfortably... I LOVE IT!!
I love how it zips open in the back so that I can add Jo with the front closed. Thank you very much for creating such a GREAT stroller~!

Kaoru Makiguchi, San Francisco, CA


I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me take my old girl on holidays with me.  I think I could have cried the first time I put her in it she was so happy.  She has taken to it like she has been doing it her whole life.  It meant a lot to both of us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

April Bennett, Devon, AB

We purchased Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from you about a month ago.  I believe they have given our 13 1/2 year old American Water Spaniel, Otto a new lease on life. 

Cathy Carson, Burlington, ON

Received the Dogger today. VERY easy to put together!! Again, thanks for everything.

Bonnie Sweeting, Lakefield, ON
My dog Lady likes the height of the Dogger. I am sure it will be a great asset in her life as she loves the outdoors, but she has a heart condition and long walks are becoming harder for her.
Cathy Ells, Saia, ON
I received the diapers (Washable Wonders) as expected. The diapers are just beautiful.  I cannot believe how soft they are! WE LOVE THIS DIAPER.  Baxter is so content with it on. The PUL material is absolutely fabulous, and the inside is soft and wicks away the wetness
Jan Wall, Wisconsin, USA
Here's a Picture of Princess in her NEW wheelchair!!!! It's awesome! Thanks again for everything! And Princess thanks you.
Janet Spires, Niagara Falls, ON
Chanel finally got up the courage to climb the 3 -steps. She had been happily going down them for a couple of months. Go figure. Lesson here, though, is not to give up!!
I'd tried the treats on each step - didn't work. Toys? Same result. Encouragement? Nope.
Time? Yep!
Penelope Persons, West Vancouver, BC

Good news at last we have the stroller. I'm really pleased with it and more to the point Alfie loves it. I used it today and it took me ages only doing a short walk because everybody kept stopping and talking to me about how great it is and that the dog looks so chilled out. I might have problems now, getting him to walk at all!!.

Lynne Hughes, Essex, United Kingdom
I got my Dogger today.  I love this stroller and my little dog Jasper is getting used to it surprisingly quickly. Congratulations on a great product. It's impressive to look at and to use, a nice smooth ride and has plenty of room for my dog and it will fit the bill for my astronomy club outings. I'll spread the word.
Cathy Ells, Saia, ON

I just received the Dogger today and assembled it the moment I got home from work. It's great and Lex seems to enjoy it. The Dogger is solid, unlike the one I currently have.

Russel Low, Singapore

I wanted to say thank you for the great products. I have a 14 year old Yorkie/Poo that is 3lbs. My challenge for the last few months is no bladder & bowel control, & finding a way to keep her dry & comfortable has been a problem. All the adult dog pads from Canadian tire, Zellers & Walmart are so thin that Sheba lays in a puddle after just one time & I need to wash her in that area about 4 times a day & don't even ask about the nights! Sheba drinks water constantly, so it is water in, water out . So I when I went on the Inteet and found your site and the ClearQuest adult dog pads & ClearQuest cover-pants that you sell, I was so relieved. The pads have such absorption that Sheba is never in a puddle! she remains dry, & I can use the pad 3, sometimes 4 times by folding over, & for the night, I buy at the $1 store sanitary pads, not the thin ones, place it in the little cover pants & it works like a charm! Thanks for making Sheba's life (and mine) so much better.

Diane Fleming, Canim Lake, BC
Tego (and family)

Thank you Ann-Marie, I'm so glad I found your website. Tego Golden Retriever (12) is really enjoying his bed. Everybody feels great. Even the smallest dog Sookie, got off the big bed in favour of these. So I may be contacting you in the New year, for another.


Donna McLaren, Calgary, AB

Here is Dougal in his AT3 stroller. He is going blind, and is sometimes unwilling to walk very far, especially at dusk. Yet he still wants to come with us, because our other dog is going. I think the stroller will work out great--he can walk for a bit and then ride when he gets tired or nervous about his surroundings. He was apprehensive the first time (he doesn't like change), but the second time he settled right in and seemed to enjoy it. I would like to get him adjusted to it before he is completely blind. The other little dog trots along nicely beside the stroller, it's very cute--we get lots of smiles!. The stroller is very smooth and comfortable to push, even on cobblestones. The stroller was an excellent price too, and also, many thanks for delivering it.


Donna Peachey, Kelowna, BC

The dog wheelchair has saved Honey's life! Now that she has realized these wheels are her new rear legs, she wants go for long walks and doesn't want to go back home. After each walk she is tired but happy!
I hope one day she will once again walk with her own legs so I am happy that the wheelchair gives her the excercise she needs.I can see the difference in her tail that has started to move a little. Before she couldn't feel her tail at all because of the nerve damage in her back end. It is fun to walk with her because she gets a lot of attention with the wheels. People come to pet her and oh yes she likes it! I thank god for her dog wheelchair!


Heidi Vihertie, Paralimni, Cyprus

She has adjusted and 'works' on it for extra mobility and exercise. Thanks for all your help..

Ray Leung, Thohill, Ontario

The dog stroller we purchased has been great. My old pug Jake is 14 and loves it. Even my younger one (an enthusiastic 8 year old) likes to get in for a ride when he gets tired. The photo is of Jake (black one), Maxwell my fawn in the middle and my friends' pug Walter in the back. Happy to say three pugs fit just fine! Thanks again,


Sylvia Rigakis, Edmonton, Alberta
Dylana and Emma

Here is a photo of our girls, Emma and Dylana, in the stroller at Granville Island. It is definitely working well for all of us. Thanks again, for the wonderful delivery service. I am really glad I found your website.


Judith Andrews, Vancouver, British Columbia

My Pet Gear AT3 Dog Stroller arrived today and I quickly assembled it and took our two bi-black Shelties and our Golden Retriever for a long walk. Halfway through the walk, Mica, my arthritic thirteen year old Sheltie, began to limp and so I popped him into the stroller. He stretched out immediately and was obviously relaxed and comfortable. The stroller is easy to push and very quiet - not rattling and rumbling like the wagon I used to use. Most importantly, Mica can now come along even when the walk is a lengthy one. Thank you so much for delivering a great product and excellent customer service!


Joanne Wehrle, Regina, Saskatchewan

We had to laugh as soon as it was on him he was off like a rocket – he seems to manage really well. I thought it would take a bit for him to get used to but to say he is like a different dog is an under statement. He has that frisky pug personality back. He is just so happy to be more mobile he is none stop. He rolls over either that gets in his way including us to get to what he wants. He has always been a stubbo dog and it is fun to see that come back. Our son loves watching him roll around and is chasing him like crazy. He actually seems a lot less stressed out – I am sure it was a lot of work for him to get around and now he just zips everywhere. I have to tell you how much we appreciated your help with all of this. Your customer service is very very top notch !!!

Alison Harper, Abbotsford, BC

Basil is very fond of riding in the stroller. I was pleasantly surprised because he is still such a puppy. When we do a 3-4 hour walk, his mother (who is half his size) joins him from time to time. The stoller is large enough for both of them. What's next... the cats?? Many thanks for all your help. We are all now able to enjoy sunny days with long walks! Thanks for being so prompt and accommodating. It has been a true pleasure!


Suze Kilgour, Victoria, BC - Canada

Our stroller arrived today, and I just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with it.I am not mechanically inclined, but I was able to assemble it right away.

And, most importantly, Duke, our dachshund, didn't protest when I put him in it and loved being able to walk around our neighborhood again.


Pete Bowles, Brooklyn, New York - United States

My 14-yr-old Maggie has slipped a disk in her back and has been ordered NO exercise for the next 6-8 weeks. I was at a complete loss as to what to do because she's extremely energetic and I also have another dog who still needs her exercise. Anyway, a stroller was the only thing I could think of but I was worried about Maggie accepting it. Well, so far, so good!

We went for a quick spin last night at the park and she sat in it quietly, yay!!! Hopefully that will continue so that we can all carry on with our lives without too much more disruption. So thank you again for getting the stroller out to me so quickly - and for having this business in the first place!!


Angela Machado, Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Pepsi and Sienna

The price of the same stroller at a pet store in Toronto was nearly double your price, needless to say we were very happy to get such good value from your company. On our excursion into Toronto last weekend, we were stopped by literally dozens of people that thought the stroller was a GREAT idea. Both pooches love it and it makes our life and theirs a lot easier.

James Kettles, Oakville, Ontario - Canada

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