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Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
We got the diapers. Here is what Bug (14 yrs) thinks of them. I am not sure she knows what to do in them. She was trying to run away from them for a while but that was too much exercise for her. Thanks for the great product.

Tim Pesanka, Hilo, Hawaii

Chloe & Lexi

Dogger Dog Strollerclick to zoom
I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our Dogger We got it for our two little Chihuahua’s Chloe and Lexi shortly before Chloe had some major surgery. Turned out that she spent most of her post op recovery resting comfortably in her Dogger. Since Chloe is still recovering from her surgery, we have taken them for a few walks along our local dykes and to our local parks. She can relax comfortably in their Dogger, while enjoying the fresh air and change of scenery. Thank you so much for such a great product. I checked out quite a few doggy strollers, and yours outshone them all.

Linda and Ron Phillips, Coquitlam, BC


Washable Wonders Male Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Wow is all I can say! After suffering incontinence issues with my senior great dane Poison, I had to go searching. Not only was I surprised to find a website 2 provinces over to the west of me, but the diaper itself is just beyond amazing. What a neat design!!! The shipping was super cheap and lightning speed. I got my diaper yesterday, and put it on my boy and just fell in love with the fabric and it fit so perfect. Smart idea to put those little snaps to give a bit more support for the diaper to stay on well. I had to order the bundle of washable pads and the wet diaper bag yesterday to make his little outfit complete. My boy is so fashionable in his new diaper and even though he has accidents now at his ripe old age of 8.5, he is going to look good doing it.

Krista Pulkinen, Saskatoon, SK

Chloe Anne

Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Chloe Anne's Washable Wonders are great!

Joy Lehtinen, Aurora, MN


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Glory is a very happy girl and so am I. Thank you.

Susan Hesselgesser, Chesterfield, MO


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. They are so easy to use and much more comfortable for her (we had been using women's briefs). Nerve damage take a long time to heal and Lexi is slowly improving. We are confident she will make a full recovery, but in the meantime, these Washable Wonders have been a Godsend. Thanks and God Bless You.

Ginni Lippire, Three Rivers, CA


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Here's Jesse (14 1/2 yrs), in his new socks! They are a perfect fit, the socks we bought at the pet store a week earlier already have a hole in them due to his nails. We were constantly re-positioning them due to twisting and they get wet when he goes outside to do his business. Your socks always keep their position and don't twist - not that it would matter as the grip is completely all around. Also the grip portion is waterproof - great for going outside briefly to go the the bathroom! Thanks so much!!

Liz Truant, Winnipeg, MB


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Thank you so much, the Grippers are working perfectly!!!! Our dog, Sandy so appreciates you.

Chris Hendry, Tucker, GA


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Rosie (14 yrs) loves her new purple diaper. We put it on at bedtime and she doesn't even try to take it off. I think she's so happy not to have accidents anymore. The lining is so soft and absorbent. It's a terrific product. Thank you!!!

Laurie Weiner, Denver, CO


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Here is Angus (9 yrs young) in his Grippers traction socks. He only needs them on the back, he doesn't even notice them on, they don't slip at all on his foot and he can get up now on the hardwood!

Jennifer Smith, South Slocan, BC


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Thank you for the Grippers! Lucky is 15 years old and is able to have an improved quality of life due to your product.

Daisy Shah, Oakland, CA


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
My Aussiedoodle Holly broke her leg before we got her at 8 weeks. We got her at 13 weeks (she is now 14 months). Found out and long story short our amazing puppy had to get the leg amputated. Now I tried other boots for her back leg. She only has one and in our house it is slippery (hardwood). With her Grippers our puppy is a puppy again and her leg is so much stronger. I wish I had this product for my old boarder collie when she had troubles on the floor. Great product.

Laura Mason, Belle River, ON


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
The Dogger has been the greatest invention since sliced bread for us! Our 5 year old dog "Popeye" actually runs and walks like a bunny rabbit, due to his growth plates in his legs never joining. His crippled little legs makes it difficult for him to go at a normal pace on walks us and his brother "Bogey" (our yellow lab), but not anymore since Popeye has the Dogger! We take Popeye's Dogger everywhere we go now, i.e. outdoor restaurants, Ft Wilderness Campground at Disney, green markets on Saturdays and always people stop us to talk about the Dogger! We also tell them of the great customer service and wonderful experience we've had with Dog Quality. Thanks for making the "Quality of All of our dogs lives Better"!

Kathryn Blalock, Port St Lucie, FL


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We have owned our Dogger stroller for two years and truly don't know what we did without it! Our Yorkie, Zippy, is a very young fourteen years of age, but tires easily on our daily walks. That's when we thank our lucky stars we found the Dogger! The quality is unsurpassed, the ride smooth and steady. The best part is how sturdy the construction is, absolutely nothing flimsy here! And our other little guy, Bijou, who is only two and very spunky, calms down instantly when he gets to ride alongside big brother! There is plenty of room for two Yorkies to ride comfortably without getting into each others' space. Love the storage compartment below the carriage to place packages, blankets, etc. as well as the cup holder attachment for their water bottle! Really love, love, love this stroller! No other stroller on the market comes close to the Dogger! It is worth it at twice the cost! Thank you Dogquality for offering this wonderful and helpful product!

Deborah Chinn, Torrance, CA


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Here is Chelsea our 10 year old toy poodle in her Grippers that just arrived in the mail today! Running up the hardwood stairs should be much easier for her now!! Thanks for the product and the amazing service!

Mary Buck, Newfoundland and Labrador


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Snickers loves her Dogger so much she knows where it is kept in the side shed and runs to the gate to hop in. I bought it when I lived in Banff and took it for my long walks over rough terrain and it was great. I now live in Ontario it was great on a hot day to keep her cool and relaxed after walking around.

Tracy Sweet, Ontario


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Manila turns 15 this month but she received her present early. Manila LOVES her new Grippers. She has so much more mobility on our hardwood floors and the kitchen tiles (her favorite place to be). Even our 6 year old Golden Retriever seems to want his own Grippers! DogQuality has been tremendous with customer support. After ordering the wrong size, I returned the order for an exchange a size up. They communicated promptly and now I have a happy, happy dog. Thank you for your kindness. We love the dog socks!

Alexis Guevara, Clearwater, FL

Coco Reese

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We just love, love the Dogger. I have peace of mind that Coco Reese is secure and safe and at the same time looking very stylish wherever we go. At 5.5 lbs I have to protect my Maltipoo and this is a huge asset. Thank you for such a well constructed product. It is nicer than any other dog stroller and most people strollers as well.

Yvonne M. Mayorquin, Locust Grove, VA

Ms. Molly

Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Ms. Molly, our mini-schnauzer, is 14.5 years and had a spinal cord injury five years ago. The absolute love of our life and we found these incredible in helping her on our hardwood floors. Thank you for your kindness….and for your products.

Gwen Morse, Santa Barbara, CA

Miss Lulu Lemon and Miss Verde

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
I really LOVE The Dogger and so do my dogs! It's worth every dollar because it's so well feels more like gliding than pushing. We now are able to go for longer walks (2-3 mi.) I'm so glad I found your website and the "short" wait for The Dogger was well worth it! Thanks for having this vehicle available for purchase!

Mary Jo Feuling, Dumfries, VA


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Originally bought your wonderful stroller the Dogger or for my 16 1/2-year-old beagle Pie. But it also has totally come in handy for his younger sister Zoey who is nine. Zoey has IVDD and every now and then she tweaks her back so that she has trouble walking. The Dogger has proved invaluable in helping us include her in our activities. Thank you thank you thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Nancy Golden, Millis, MA

Bella & Lola

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Bella and Lola love their Dogger - best of both worlds, walk some, ride some - thanks for a great, high quality product!

Tracey Larsen, Sioux Falls, SD


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Received the Small Washable Wonder and it fits great. I will be ordering some more. Thanks. I think you have a great product. What I like about your product is that it is soft enough that I think she will be ok with wearing it every night even though she does not “leak” every night…And it’s reusable; I did not want to use something else that would just be thrown in the trash.

Bunny Chaney, Mantorville, MN


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
My dog Pepi is only 2 now and he is not old or disabled. I primarily use the Dogger as his "bed" next to our bed, his "baby/high chair" next to our dining table and his "TV chill out" own area next to our sofa if he decides to be bored with the sofa.I love it. Actually he loves it. And when he is busy fighting my household appliances like the vaccuum cleaner, I also put him in the Dogger LOL.

Serene Ldn, Singapore


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Here is a pic of Ponchatoula in her Dogger. She was rescued from a shelter by English Bulldog Rescue Network of Houston (a wonderful group) and had many health problems that we've addressed, but unfortunately has severe arthritis in her hips and knees and can't walk for any great distance. She LOVES the Dogger, and it lets us bring her around and do a lot more with us.

Daina Bray, Chapel Hill, NC

Seamus & Molly

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Seamus and Molly love riding around town in their new Dogger! Since Seamus isn't able to go for walks anymore, this has been a great way to get him out and about. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!

Brenda Kenny, Phoenixville, PA


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We LOVE our Dogger! Krissy, 8 years old, was rescued from a hoarder and has badly damaged legs. The Dogger helps us get her outside more and the mesh screen allows her to see us and look around at what's in front of her. Krissy is afraid that new people will hurt her so the canopy helps provide her with a sense of security. The Dogger suits all her needs, physical & psychological.

Matt Slawson, Burnsville, MN


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Just tested out the medium sized grippers on Philippa (14 yrs) on our evening walk and they work great! Easy to get on, perfect fit and they stay put, no slipping or twisting.

Lisa Sven, Vancouver, BC


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
My 14 yr old Toy Poodle Charlie was balking about taking walks some days, so I really needed a stroller. I ordered "The Dogger" after a lot of research. As it turned out, Charlie got really sick a week ago and has spent mostly a week in the stroller and we are so thankful we have it. The public here is getting a good look at your product as we walk everyday, and I get a lot of questions and feedback about "The Dogger". All of it is positive.

Wallace Giles, Sedona, AZ

Alfie and Milo

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
They love their new ride. Thanks for a quality product.

Carolyn and Robert Volpe, Panama

Oreo and Monty

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Both Oreo and Monty thought the Dogger was a great ride!! I found it very easy to maneuver. I think this is the Cadillac of strollers!! Thanks for everything.

Darlene Savoie, Moncton, NB


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Just used our new Dogger for the first time on a 2 mile walk with my handicapped Yorkie, Ollie. This is not just the SUV of dog strollers, this is the Rolls Royce of dog strollers.

Chug Roberts, Alexandria, VA

Tiki and Tazer

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Here is a picture of my Pommies Tiki and Tazer. They love the Dogger and so do I.

Jennifer Fernando, Chula Vista, CA


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Nikki (16 yrs young) had her 1st outdoor stroll in the Dogger and she loooves it and so do I as now I can get some exercise and she can get lots of fresh air, yet be protected from the sun, and I can keep a close eye on her from all angles!!! Even Suzie will enjoy catching a ride as well with her sister when she wants a rest.

Janice Belyea, Kingston, ON


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
I wanted to let you know The Dogger is FABulous and has exceeded any and all expectations. This photo is of The Dogger on its maiden trek, Molly (Maltese) happily ensconced. I do not know who enjoys The Dogger more, me or Molly. The Dogger has made for an immensely happy day, indeed. It really is The Best of The Best and will be adding to many happy times that Molly and I share.

Karen Jaggar, Portland, OR

Moon Shadow

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
I finally got around to photographing my dog, Moon Shadow, in her Dogger. These were taken this morning on our walk. She really likes it. Isn't she adorable? :) She has a paralyzed front leg, so this really helps her when she gets tired.

Karen Godfrey, Grand Rapids, MI

Beau and Belle

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Meet Beau (9yrs) and Belle (8yrs). As you can see, they are best pals and love sharing their Dogger.

Mary, Denver, CO


Washable Wonders Male Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I am relieved that I can leave my dog in the house unattended now. I took in a retired ranch dog and he had never been inside a house so of course he wants to mark things. Its not his fault, he is 6 years old and doesn't know any better. Now he still looks cute and we will both be much happier.

Carmen Fenton, Fallon, NV


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Bentley Rockin his socks! We are in love with these! Thanks for all your help with the sizing, Velcro, etc.

Lyndsay & Brian Popiel, Cave Creek, AZ


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We got the Dogger yesterday and Holly LOVES it! Thank you so much. This is really going to make a world of difference for her. We are both having such a hard time accepting that she is almost 13. She is having a really hard time not being physically able to go everywhere. The Dogger will make it so that she will get to go with on long walks and not have to be left home. For the first time in months Holly got to go with on our long walk. She was so happy. She was adorable in the Dogger and knew that it was just for her. I could see her smiling because she got to go with. Thank you for helping Holly in her old age, she has given so much in her life and it will be so nice to be able to see her still go on adventures thanks to the Dogger.

Shanna and Hero Holly (Retiring Seizure Alert Service Dog)


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We purchased the Dogger stroller about 2 years ago and have recently started running marathon races with Lola and the Dogger. We have had so many compliments and people asking "where did you get that?" The stroller itself works awesome - and Lola gets to enjoy the race too!

Carla Jones, Calgary, AB


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Vince loves his gripper socks! He hates me a little bit for bugging him about a pic, but he loves his socks. :)

Lisa Makrinikolas, Revere, MA


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
This is Sultan, she is a Labrador Retriever - German Shepherd crossbreed. She's been with us since she was two weeks, and she's exactly 14 ½ years old now. Among other ailments like loss of sight, loss of hearing, and weakening hindquarters, she has recently been diagnosed with a malign tumor in her bladder. She can hardly hold her pee any more, needs to comfort herself more and more frequently, and she gets depressed and very frustrated when she does it indoors, something she had never done ever since she was a puppy. So, you can imagine how your diapers and pads have been a life-saver, not only for us who would have otherwise needed to clean the floors all day, but also and foremost for Sultan, keeping her clean and saving her from the embarrassment and discontent. Thank you again.

Ali Yurtsever, Istanbul, Turkey

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