Wellness brand soft dog food - Stinky Good!

07 July, 2008 2 comments Leave a comment

Watch as I give a brief review of the Wellness brand of soft dog food - white fish and sweet potatoe. This food is one of the stinkiest foods I have ever come across, but it suits my picky 12 year old French Bulldog just fine. It also is a great help for his dry skin. And yes I even taste it - ok I wouldn't recommend eating it, but as long as it has healthy ingredients and is helping my boy to eat and stay strong despite the health challenges he is facing, then I am a fan of this stinky food. 

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  1. Mark Siebel May 09, 2014

    Stinky food rules!! I feed a variety of WELLNESS dog food products to my own dogs, as well as referring it to my customers! Great food and is approved by THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL as an approved/safe dog food product.

    Mark Siebel

  2. Guest May 09, 2014

    As a dog gets older you may have to change their diet. This depends on size and dictates when to start changing their diet.

    As a general rule:

    Small and medium dogs – up to 50 lbs – 7 years of age

    Large dogs 51-90 lbs – 6 years of age

    Giant dogs 91 lbs or more – 5 years of age

    Older dogs have shown that they put on body fat as they age, although they may consume
    lesser calories . Most senior dogs probably will do best on a reduced calorie diet preferably avoid reduced levels of protein this will ensure that they maintain muscle mass with normal protein.

    Always consult with your veterinarian

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