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Older Dogs and Raw Food

Guest post by: Dean Ricard, Canadian Association of Raw Pet food Manufacturers Fifty years ago, dogs were considered geriatric at age of 12 (average size dog). Now they are considered geriatric at age of 8. Dogs are

Dog Aging and Dog Arthritis

We try not to think that our dogs will grow old but they do. And just like people, dogs will experience a lot of changes as they reach a certain age. One such change is that your

A Holistic Approach to Senior Dog Care

Along with the joy that comes with owning and loving a senior dog, we often face times of uncertainty, decision and grief.  As we cope with the inevitable medical challenges older dogs face, we find ourselves many

Orthopedic Dog Bed Video Review – Finding Comfort for Older Dogs

Older dogs spend a considerable amount of time sleeping so just imagine if during that time the bed could be working to help relieve the discomfort caused by arthritis and other joint problems. In this video review

Alternative Therapies for Older Dogs

Non-Invasive Treatments give Senior Dogs Options to Surgery By Ann-Marie Fleming One of the hardest decisions to make as an owner of a senior dog is deciding on the best treatment for conditions they face as

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