We are very excited to be working with Chubbs the Wampug on this Dogger GiveawayChubbs the Wampug wants you to win a Dogger stroller. Using a Dogger stroller is a great way to help your older or disabled dog continue to do the things they love and stay active in the process. Many people dismiss a dog stroller as an accessory without realizing how essential they can be for a dog struggling with mobility issues. The Dogger enables your dog to walk when able, but rest when needed. For some this allows them to get more exercise than was ever possible before.

Check out this video of Chubbs showing the value  of using a Dogger. You would be amazed at the difference it can make:

I can tell you from my own personal experience how important the Dogger can be. I used mine daily with my beloved Mackenzie who in his later years had severe arthritis and was only able to walk short distances. At the same time I knew how curious he was and how much his walks meant to him both physically and mentally so the Dogger was the perfect solution. We were able to get out of the house and he would walk when he could and then take breaks in the stroller and we would do this several times throughout the course of our outing. It was amazing to see how much he would perk up when I would pull the Dogger out and I knew I was helping him continue to enjoy life despite his physical challenges. In fact Mackenzie was a big part of the inspiration behind creating the Dogger.

The contest ends January 28th @ 11:59pm so please ensure you have entered as many times as you can before then. I am so excited to see someone walk away with a Dogger as a result of this contest so please share this with anyone you know that has a dog that could benefit from this awesome mobility aid. Register

Ann-Marie Fleming is the Founder of DogQuality.com, a site focused on products that help older dogs enjoy life.

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