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Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain Dog Stroller Review – Two Thumbs Way Up

Come along as I show you the ins and outs of the Pet Gear AT3 all terrain dog stroller which is perfect for one or two dogs and ideal for older dogs that need some help to

Disposable Dog Diaper Review

As a dog gets older incontinence creeps in like it does for us humans. Accidents begin to happen and both the dog and the owners find themselves upset as a result. As much as our floors and

Canada’s First Dog Jogger

I love technology. Check out the short video I was able to create to help show people our dog jogger prototype called a Dogger™. We are working on this product to help senior dogs, injured dogs and

There’s a new Dog Jogger in town and we call it a Dogger ™

I have been dying to write this post as we finally get to give our readers and fellow dog owners a sneak peak at something that we are super excited about and that’s our very own dog

Review of a Fabulous Front Dog Carrier

If you have a small dog and need to take them with you then try this terrific front carrier. This legs-out carrier is perfect for senior dogs that may not be able to walk very far, but

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