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5 Creative Ways to Use a Pet Stroller

Who says pet strollers are just for walking?           [google1] Most people think of a pet stroller for its obvious use, giving your dog a ride (in particular senior dogs who need help walking), but thanks to some

Top 10 Reasons Why People Love the Dogger Dog Stroller

We are getting so much amazing feedback I can barely contain myself. The Dogger is making such a difference in the lives of older dogs and their families that I just had to share what we’ve been

Dogger Dog Stroller Goes Bumping ‘n Jumping

A fun look at the unbelievable rear suspension on the Dogger dog stroller. You don’t see shocks like this everyday. Enjoy the video For more info or to order your own Dogger click here

Bottom’s Up Leash – Walking Aid for Older Dogs

The Bottom’s Up leash is a rear support walking aid for dogs challenged by rear leg weakness. It is a very simple yet effective design that contains 2 padded leg rings which connect to a leash. This

The Dogger – Even Snow and Ice Can’t Stop this Dog Stroller

Western Canada has already had its fair share of winter, despite the fact that it is only November. Rather than sing the winter blues, we decided to use this opportunity to test drive the Dogger in the

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