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Introducing Grippers – Innovative Dog Traction Socks for Older Dogs

We are super excited to introduce you to our very own non-slip dog socks called Grippers™. These dog socks are very unique in that the entire paw is covered with a soft rubber that provides grip for

The Evolution of Dog Strollers

I think it is always important to look back to remind ourselves how far we’ve really come. Recently I have been doing this with dog strollers, thinking about what we did before these were available. The concept

Can your dog drink their way to better dental health?

In my new found obsession with dental care I have been exploring new products that can give people easy ways to improve the health of their older dog(s). Veterinarians always tell you to brush your dog’s teeth

Improving your Dog’s Dental Health with Dog Chews

I am very proud to announce that we have added a new section to our site focused on dental care products. Through my own experiences and through speaking with many vets on the subject of dog dental

How to Assemble your Dogger Dog Stroller

We get asked all the time from interested dog owners about what is involved in putting the Dogger together. My response is always the same, “you just pop the wheels on and away you go”. That’s the

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