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The Human Equivalent of 147 Years Old!!

The Guinness Book of World Records claims “Chanel”, a 21 year dachshund owned by Denice and Karl Shaugnessey, became the oldest dog alive after a 28 year old beagle passed away in the spring of last year.

Stem cell therapy for animals is ahead of treatment for humans

Watching our 13 year old pug – Mackenzie – hobble out into the yard for his daily outdoor exercise has often made me wonder if there was a cure for some of his ailments. Stem cell research

A Tribute to My Boys

I watched a touching video today where a family shared their memories of their two cocker spaniels. I felt moved by being able to share in these moments, but also saddened because it made me think about

Dog Friendly Vehicles

Finally a vehicle that Mackenzie our 13 year old can get in and out of with ease. As with most aging dogs getting anywhere with ease becomes harder as they get older. Their bones are frailer and

Community Dog and Cat Blood Donor Program

Definitely not something you hear much about but certainly no less important. Beth Davidow, a blogger at seattlepi.com, explains that a blood donor clinic for cats and dogs is important because like humans they need blood transfusions.

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