Corneal Pigmentation in Brachycephalic Dogs

Being a long time pug and french bulldog parent I have witnessed first hand the spread of pigment throughout my dogs’ eyes. Mackenzie, my senior pug who passed away a couple years ago, had severe corneal pigmentation

Cloth Dog Diapers vs Disposable Dog Diapers – The Environmental Debate

In the baby world, the debate between disposable and cloth diapers has been going on for quite some time, especially on the topic of environmental impact. While it hasn’t garnered the same level of attention, a similar

Changing Your Perspective on Senior Dogs

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with a great number of pet parents – some who are experiencing the life of a senior dog for the first time and others who have had many

Book Review: Conversations with Woo by Meg Trafford – Let the Journey Begin

“Have you ever had one event that was disguised as ordinary but as it unfolded caused you to question all you believed in? Well, I had one; it was an event that spanned eleven, all-too-short years and

The Ultimate Dog Belly Band Test – Managing Dog Incontinence

Managing dog incontinence or excessive marking is challenging to say the least. I live it everyday with Milo, but the great thing is you do have options. My goal with Dog Quality is not only to create

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